Psychological assessment utilizes instruments designed to measure cognitive, emotional, personality, and other areas of functioning. Behavioral observations, clinical interviews, and a review of pertinent documents are also included in the evaluation process. Dr. King has vast knowledge and experience in tailoring assessment batteries to address specific referral questions.
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Dr. King conducts evaluations which assess the strengths and areas of need in regards to an individual’s ability to parent a child. The specific attributes of the parent and child are considered. Recommendations are offered to enhance a caregiver’s ability to fulfill the needs of a child in an effective and safe manner.
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Psychological evaluations are routinely requested as a means of determining an individual’s suitability to adopt a child internationally. Dr. King has been conducting assessments reflecting the recent changes in requirements implemented by foreign governments such as Korea. Dr. King is also experienced with performing adoption evaluations for other countries, including Colombia and Costa Rica.
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Dr. King assists the Court in making decisions regarding the reunification of children and families, placement recommendations, and appropriate interventions for juvenile offenders. Dr. King efficiently addresses referral questions while meeting Court imposed deadlines. Additionally, collateral contacts with family members, attorneys, teachers, and mental health professionals are incorporated into the conclusions and treatment recommendations.
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